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Bible Study

Wednesday PM Bible Study

This is a weekly Bible Study conducted on zoom.

(see detail below)


Adult Forum Bible Study

This is a 4-5 session Bible Study for the Sunday Adult Forum.



This is an Advent devotional/Bible Study leading up to Christmas.



This is a Lenten devotional/Bible Study leading up to Easter.

Wednesday Bible Study

Adult Bible Study occurs on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM by Zoom. 

Each week we pick one or two of the lessons / readings from the Revised Common Lectionary ( )


These may be the lessons / readings we may hear spoken in our upcoming Sunday worship. 

As we gather to study, we seek to explore deeper meaning and insights to the Word of God as we unpack each of the lessons we will study. 


Church-wide eMail goes out by Monday highlighting the lessons for the upcoming week. 

We will not study all the available lessons. 

Instead, when we gather on Wednesday, we will decide which lesson we will study.

You need not be a bible scholar to join us. 

You need not possess any special material to join us. 

You need only an enthusiasm to study the Word of God. 


Each session lasts between 60 – 90 minutes. We usually end by 8:45 p.m. 


If you are interested connecting with us in person (rather than virtually), please make those arrangements with Bob Higle @

Come and See!!!

Adult Forum Bible Study


This is a Bible Study planned for Sundays after Church from Feb. 25th thru March 17th. It is from the "The Present Word" series called The Righteous Reign of God. We will do Unit III: God's Eternal Reign.

God's Eternal Reign presents four lessons from the New Testament epistles about the implications of life under God's authority. The first lesson explores the fruit o life according to the law of love (Feb 25th). The second lesson contrasts a life of religious rule-following with the righteousness, peace and joy to be found in God's economy (March 3th). The third lesson reminds us that the power of God is at work in us (March 10th). The unit concludes with praise for Christ, the exalted ruler (March 17th).

Materials for Class

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