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Revised 2013, 2019, 2023    Adopted by Session Oct. 18, 2023 Distributed to Congregation Nov. 19, 2023

Vision Statement

 We continue our growth as a Reformed, Confessional, Connectional, Presbyterian Congregation that proclaims God’s glory through traditional worship; biblically based education; a vibrant music program in a warm, welcoming, an affirmative and intentionally inclusive Christian community.

We will maintain our facility and staff to accomplish this vision.

We will accomplish this vision as a “More Light”, “Matthew 25” and "Earth Care" congregation by following the tenets of;

 Building Congregational Vitality;

Dismantling Structural Racism while Empowering Marginalized and Minoritized Populations;

as well as working towards Eradicating Systemic Poverty

Mission Partners at FPC

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Revised 2013, 2019, 2023    Adopted by Session Oct. 18, 2023 Distributed to Congregation Nov. 19, 2023

Mission Statement


(Worship committee and Staff)

Worship should reflect our belief in Jesus Christ, who gives us faith, life, unity, and mission to the World. Our worship will be inclusive, diverse, reflective, and respectful of a variety of cultures. It will represent the Reformed tradition in adherence with PCUSA as follows:

  • Communion open to all regardless of race, gender expression, sexual diversity, economic, religious, national identity, and age

  • Pastor (or designee) administered

  • Intentionally inclusive of all regardless of race, gender expression, sexual diversity, economic, religious, national identity, and age

  • Time conscious

  • Available via multiple platforms, using technology as available

  • Provide services of marriage, funerals and the sacraments of baptism and communion regardless of race, gender expression, sexual diversity, economic, national identity, and age 



(Youth Education, Adult Education committees, and Staff)

We will approach education as an implicit element for all ages, in everything we do as a faith community. This learning may occur in worship, fellowship, mission work, small group meetings, and other opportunities inclusive of:

  • Children's Moment

  • Sunday School

  • Youth Fellowship

  • Confirmation Class

  • Camp Greenwood

  • Music/Art Education

  • Support of higher education opportunities (Alma, PCUSA programs…)

  • Library and Little Free Library

  • All Church Read

  • Book Group

  • Bible Study

  • Adult Ed

  • Adult Forum

  • Leadership Training



(Worship, Youth Education and the Adult Education committees and Staff)

We are a people of God that gives voice to our worship through the spoken word, through congregational singing, and through the performing arts as follows:

  • Chancel Choir

  • Handbell Choir

  • Chancel Committee

  • Section Leader Scholarships

  • Community Concerts

  • Community Sings

  • Children’s Christmas Pageant

  • Candlelight Christmas Eve

  • Holy Week

  • Art Collection and Displays


Building Congregational Vitality and Congregational Care

(Membership, Communication, Church Mission & Social Justice, Nominating, and the History Committees, Deacons and Staff)

We are a church that carries on a mission of teaching and service to those who worship with us and to our community, and care of those who form the body of Christ. We will create opportunities to build relationships within the Church and community inclusive of:

  • Pastoral Care Team

  • Holiday Food Baskets (Deacons)

  • Angel Tree (Deacons)

  • Angel Team (Deacons)

  • Bingo (Deacons)

  • Homebound/Home Visits (Deacons)


  • Lansing Children’s Choir

  • Glen Erin Pipe Band

  • Capital City Chordsmen

  • Lansing Symphony Orchestra

  • Music.Art.Drama.Dance (MADD) Camp

  • Silver Bells Warming Station

  • LINK Groups

  • Small group fellowship (Boomers, Bridge in the Parlor, Men’s Group, etc.)

  • All Church Fellowship Opportunities

  • Support of Downtown and Westside Neighborhood Associations

  • Yoga Classes

  • AARP income tax prep

  • Maintain Church and Community History

  • Support Mental Health programs

  • Support programs that reduce violence in the community

  • Encourage growth in participation and membership in the church


Dismantling Structural Racism while Empowering Marginalized and Minoritized Populations

(Church Mission & Social Justice Committee, Deacons, and Staff)

We are a community that includes and respects all, in which all who enter the church space are welcomed and belong. We will support groups and activities that dismantle structural racism and empower marginalized populations as follows:

  • Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan (JLGLM)

  • Global Institute of Lansing (GIL)

  • Northwest Initiative

  • Lansing Pride

  • Support of the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Reparations Royalties

  • Odawa Tribe of Native American


Eradicating (Alleviating) Systemic Poverty

(Church Mission & Social Justice committee Deacons and Staff)

We are a community that recognizes the existence of systemic poverty and will put our resources to reduce the economic exploitation of the poor. We will provide resources and support programs, services, and opportunities that provide basic needs such as food, shelter, physical and mental health inclusive of:

  • Advent House Ministries (Deacons)

  • Food Pantry

  • Food Bank

  • Agape Community Transformation (ACT) Uganda

  • Cameroon Water Project

  • Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD)

  • Community Garden

  • Mental Health Matters (Botswana)


Maintenance of Facility and Staff

(Building and Grounds, Personnel, Endowment and Finance & Stewardship, and the Financial Audit Review committees and Staff)

We will have a facility that actively engages the Lansing region through its welcoming and inviting nature and its safe and well-maintained condition that is optimized and maximized to serve our Christian mission. We will appropriately staff our church to fulfill our mission as follows:

  • Regular repair and maintenance of our current facility for internal as well as external groups

  • Updates Emergency Plans and Annual Practices

  • Update the facility for a safe and secure environment

  • Maintain Memorial Garden

  • Environmentally conscious practices

  • Updating technology

  • Maintain and encourage both long term and short-term space usage from the community

  • Maintain adequate staff levels for maintenance and outsourcing

  • Maintain an appropriate staff to enable the church to care for the physical building, grounds and office management

  • Staff Training

  • Professional Development

  • Maintain a level of financial integrity

  • Maintain professional and supportive communication with staff

  • Maintain professional and supportive communication with the congregation

  • Encourage open and timely communication with the congregation across as wide a variety of platforms as reasonable

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