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Memorial Garden Information



The Memorial Garden is a hallowed space especially set aside for the placement of ashes following cremation. This is in the tradition of churches having a place for those whose great love of the church is a desire to always have it be home.

Cremation and placing ashes in the ground is consistent with our Christian beliefs. The Bible says , in Genesis 3:19, “ the sweat of your face you shall eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken: you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” The New Testament further teaches that we shall have a new resurrection body for heaven when we are finished with our earthly body. It is, therefore, another acceptable way in the natural process. Placing ashes in the ground is also environmentally positive as it saves the space of a burial plot and nourishes plants and soil.


Interment of ashes will be directly into the soil of the garden and will be done in a service overseen by a pastor of the church. A plaque inscribed with a name and dates of life will be placed on the wall under the “great window”.


Current and former members of the congregation and their immediate families may have their ashes placed in the Memorial Garden. Others may be included pending the approval of the  Session. An application for all requests will be available in the church office or click here.


The cost of a pre-planned commitment for interment of ashes for eligible persons in the garden is $450. Otherwise the cost is $500. The cost includes the name plate for the mounted bronze plaque.


Contributions for ongoing maintenance of the garden are always welcome.





First Presbyterian Church Paver Order

Commemorative pavers may also be purchased for placement in the garden’s structure. The cost of the paver is $125. The inscription must comply with policy. A form for ordering a paver is included in this brochure. You are urged to consider purchasing a paver as a way of permanent remembrance.


Contributions for ongoing maintenance of the garden are always welcome.


Further information about plans, arrangements, etc. may be obtained from the church office or click here.


Pavers are 4” x 8”

Three lines of engraving of 15 letters per line, spaces and punctuation included.

Cost is $125 per paver.

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