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Food Pantry

Active for more than 50 years, we work to feed our community.

We also have diapers, soap, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, etc. Please contact us for ways to donate, volunteer OR if you need assistance.


Our Story

For more than 50 years, the First Presbyterian Church of Lansing has operated a food pantry to serve the downtown and other areas of our community.  

The pantry is open four days per week: Monday through Thursday, noon until 2 pm.  Appointments are made starting at 9 am by calling 517 574 5124 to make an appointment.  Messages can be left on our voice mail with return calls from Monday through Thursday.  The pantry is located on the northwest side of the church at the chapel entrance.

Because of inflation and reduced SNAP (food stamp) benefits, our pantry has seen an increase of client food requests.  The number of clients visiting daily range from 15-24 which is a 15%-20% increase over last year.  

The volunteers are working hard to fill orders and serve the needs of the clients.  The Greater Lansing Food Bank (GLFB) recently changed its policy on the geographic area that pantries serve from a local zip code to anywhere in mid Michigan.  Therefore, our pantry gives assistance to anyone who contacts us from the Mid-Michigan area.

Our volunteers scheduling the appointment can offer information on a food pantry much closer to the client and sometimes that helps that person or family find a more convenient one.  Because we are open 4 days per week and most pantries are not open as often, our pantry is the one people turn to when they need food.  

Our pantry has not received as much food as it had in the past so weekly purchases from Aldi’s and Meijer for some nonperishable and fresh items are funded by contributions from our members, friends of the pantry including some local churches and an annual grant of $5,000 from the City of Lansing.  Our budget is strained so we economize as much as possible and have reduced the amount of food and personal items that we previously provided.  With an increased number of clients, it means we are spending more money now than ever before.  The pantry is applying for additional grants and seeking support for more funds.

In addition to food, church members also donate baby and adult diapers and women’s sanitary products that our clients need and greatly appreciate.  Bar soap, toilet paper and paper towels are also donated by our church members.

 Our volunteers cheerfully serve our hungry neighbors and are grateful for continuing support of the food pantry.  As we do the Lord’s work as part of our church’s Matthew 25 mission, we pray that there will be solutions to food insecurity problems in our community and all over the world.


The best way to contact the Food Pantry is by using the telephone number. If your call is not answered, please leave a message and a volunteer will contact you Monday  - Friday.


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