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Maintenance of Facility and Staff

We will have a facility that actively engages the Lansing region through its welcoming and inviting nature and its safe and well-maintained condition that is optimized and maximized to serve our Christian mission. We will appropriately staff our church to fulfill our mission as follows:

  • Regular repair and maintenance of our current facility for internal as well as external groups

  • Updates Emergency Plans and Annual Practices

  • Update the facility for a safe and secure environment

  • Maintain Memorial Garden

  • Environmentally conscious practices

  • Updating technology

  • Maintain and encourage both long term and short-term space usage from the community

  • Maintain adequate staff levels for maintenance and outsourcing

  • Maintain an appropriate staff to enable the church to care for the physical building, grounds and office management

  • Staff Training

  • Professional Development

  • Maintain a level of financial integrity

  • Maintain professional and supportive communication with staff

  • Maintain professional and supportive communication with the congregation

  • Encourage open and timely communication with the congregation across as wide a variety of platforms as reasonable



Committees or Leadership Responsible


Building and Grounds



Finance & Stewardship

Financial Audit Review


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