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Women's Bridge Group

This is one of the Women's Fellowship opportunities here at Lansing, First Presbyterian Church. It is open to all wither you are a beginner or experienced Bridge player.

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About Us

We gather on the fourth Thursday of every month at 1:00. We meet in the church parlor and play a friendly game of Rubber Bridge (how to play). The format is once around the table, taking your score (how we score) onto the next round. We normally play two or three rounds. Kitty is a quarter with a payout to first and second place. Last place gets their quarter back.

If you want to join, go to our contact page and put in the subject line "Womens Bridge" and we will get ahold of you with more details.

Schedule of Meetings

2024 Dates (who is responsible for the calls)                       2025 Dates

January 25th                                                                                January 23rd (Judy)

Feburary 22nd (Karen)                                                            Feburary 27th (Margaret)

March 28th  (Sue)                                                                      March 27th (Bessie)

April 25th  (Judy)                                                                        April 24th (Bobbie)

May 23rd  (Margaret)                                                               May 22nd (Ceci)

June 27nd  (Bessie)                                                                   June 26th (Robin)

July 25th  (Bobbie)                                                                    July 24th (Karen)

August 22nd  (Ceci)                                                                  August 28th (Sue)        

September 26th  (Robin)                                                       September 25th (Judy)

October 24th (Karen)                                                              October 23th (Margaret)

Nov/Dec December 5th (Sue)                                            Nov/Dec December 4th  (Bessie)


Church Phone:

(517) 482-0668

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